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Currently based in Milwaukee, WI, the Argis advertising network is a content distribution system for digital, out-of-home advertisements. What does this mean? If a business or public place meets certain foot traffic and visibility standards, we will install digital screens and pay them for the right to do so. An organization wanting to advertise on this network can target potential customers by limiting their ad campaign to certain screens and specific times. Your ad campaign could be up and running in less than an hour. Please browse the detailed descriptions below to see how you fit in, and don't hesitate to Contact us with any questions or comments!

High Traffic Location

Do you own a business? Is it a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, or any other enterprise with foot traffic? Do you represent a municipality, or any sort of public interest looking to generate extra revenue? Head over to our Contact page to reach out to us. What we pay is based off of potential view count, quality of view count, and several other smaller factors. We work with you to install our displays in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Technical requirements mainly include minor electrical work and a relatively stable internet connection.


Are you looking to advertise your local business near you? Do you require a more widespread, less localized campaign? Either way, we can help you. Upload your ad content, and create your campaign. Filter which displays you'd like it to play on based on keywords, location, or city. Keywords include gender, approximate age range, population density (rural, suburban, etc.), and estimated amount spent. Use our reporting tool to see where and when your advertisements were shown.



Mexican restaurant located on North St. in Milwaukee. Visit site

PJ Remodeling

Quality general contractor based out of Kewaskum. Visit site


Chinese take-out place located on Farwell Ave in Milwaukee. Visit site

Snap Fitness Farwell

24 hour gym located on Farwell Ave in Milwaukee.

Mid City Liquor

Liquor store located on the north side of Milwaukee.


Historic bar located on North Ave in Milwaukee. Visit site

Caffrey's Pub

Drink specials & a convivial vibe draw a strong student crowd to this campus haunt with a patio. Visit site

Murphy's Irish Pub

Popular bar on the Marquette University campus. Visit site

Dukes on Water

Popular bar located on Water Street in Milwaukee. Connected to Scooter's Pub.

Scooter's Pub

Popular bar located just off of Water Street in Milwaukee. Connected to Duke's on Water.


Longtime urban hangout with a lively atmosphere, plus drink specials, bottle service & weekend DJs.

The Loaded Slate

Bustling late-night nook serving up cocktails, beer & sandwiches in a low-lit, easygoing setting. Visit site

Who's on Third

Comfy, chill sports-centric pub with wings & other American eats, plus craft beers & weekend brunch. Visit site

The Pub Club

Lively pub featuring DJ dance nights, drink specials & a menu ranging from burgers to frogs' legs. Visit site

Red White & Blue

Spacious bar and reservable venue specializing in concerts and shows. Visit site

Upper 90 Sports Pub

This bar decorated with vintage sports equipment has tons of craft beer, plus American food & TVs. Visit site

East Side Coin Laundry

Busy laundromat located on Prospect Ave in Milwaukee. Visit site

Marquette Coin Laundry

Popular laundromat located on the University of Marquette campus. Visit site

S&S Liquor

Extremely busy liquor/convenience store on the North side of Milwaukee.