What we do:

We install digital display boards in high-traffic areas such as bars, restaurants and fitness clubs. Displays can be located in any area where people are likely to dwell for at least 30 seconds i.e. lobbies/waiting areas, above urinals or next to sinks and mirrors.

What's the benefit to you?

You'll have the ability to place advertisements for your business on a portion of the screen. You can advertise your Thursday deals on Wednesday, advertise upcoming events, or just tell people about your other locations, it's totally up to you. Ads can be changed as often as you like or you can set it and forget it, you just log into our website, upload your ads, and schedule when you'd like them to play.

What it will cost you:

Nothing! We cover the cost of the case and installation. We'll even bring out a licensed electrician if an outlet needs to be installed, but all of our wiring is low voltage, so that's not usually necessary.

Who else advertises on the screen?

Businesses similar to yours are not allowed to advertise on your screen. This is first checked by our online portal, and then double checked by a human before any ad goes live.

How are the screens made?

Our cases look really sleek. They are constructed of a stainless steel housing and a 1/4 inch tempered glass screen protector, this makes it virtually unbreakable but also easy to clean anything off of. We have screens in unattended areas, including the bathrooms of college bars, and we have yet to have a problem. The case can also be painted to fit any decor.

Display structure

All of our screens have pages and blocks. The blocks are either owned by you or by Argis. What you do with your blocks is up to you, while we sell non-competitive advertising on our blocks. The example to the right has three pages, each page has three large 16:9 blocks, and one small block on the bottom. Page one is displayed for 15 seconds, then page two for 15 seconds, then page three for 15 seconds, and then it repeats back to page one.

Uploading Content

Manage your content

Here we will go over uploading and managing content for your campaigns. Make sure you're on the "Content" tab. Right now, the network only supports content that has a 16:9 content ratio, or is very close. Content must also be at least 1366 pixels wide and 768 pixels high to ensure quality across the network.

Viewing your content

If you have any content uploaded, you will see it listed here like in the picture to the right. Clicking on these items will take you to a page where you can edit the name of the content, upload the image, or delete the item completely.

Adding a content item

To add content, click the "Add content" button in the upper-right section of the page, as pictured. You will be asked to enter a name for your new content item. You'll then be redirected to the page where you can change the image file associated with it.

Deleting a content item

After selecting content from your list, you'll arrive at the editing page. From here, you can delete this content item using the delete button on the lower-left part of the page.


Creating a campaign

On the "Campaigns" tab, you can create a campaign with the green button in the upper right corner. Assign the campaign a descriptive name and click the "Create" button. You'll be redirected to your campaign page. You can delete this campaign with the red "Delete Campaign" button. The settings tab controls whether this campaign is active or not. You can also set a start/end date.

Campaign Items

You'll find yourself on the "Campaign Items" tab. Campaign items link one or more content items with one or more blocks that you own. A campaign can have many content items. You can assign schedule rules to the items too, to have certain content play on certain days/times. The "Display Blocks" tab controls which blocks the content is playing on. The "Content" tab has a list of all content that is elligible to play on those blocks.