Running an advertisement on our network has a variable CPM of anywhere between $4.00 and $10.00, depending on three factors. The actual cost of running an advertisement for a particular hour is the result of this formula multiplied by the approximate number of impressions for that screen during the time span. The three factors are explained below.

Targeting - based on the choices made on the targeting page of the campaign manager. Narrowing down the amount of screens, and/or the dates and times we can play your ads drives the CPM up.

Bulk Purchasing - if you're spending a lot per day, this will pull your CPM in the other direction. Having large advertisers helps us to fill screen time, and we reward this with lower rates.

View Rating - every screen has a view rating ranging from 1 to 10. A screen that a user is forced to look at with few distractions would be a 10. A screen that has people passing by with many other things vying for their attention would be somewhere between 1 and 3.

Almost all advertising platforms target large advertisers to fill significant quanities of adspace. An advertiser, large or small, usually needs to contact a salesperson and negotiate a campaign and rate. We've automated this process to better serve the small business that would like to spend $500 or less per month on advertising. You can opt to spend as little as $1 per day if that's what you'd like, whereas traditionally in this industry, you'd have to be locked in for several months with an uncomfortably large campaign. Of course, not to exclude anyone, our system works very efficiently for large advertisers as well!