We are a small business located in Milwaukee, WI. Being a relatively new company, we like to deal directly with customers, and would like to establish ourselves as a transparent advertising network to serve Milwaukee businesses. Our goal is to do our best to ensure advertisers get what they pay for. We encourage anyone to contact us with questions or comments. We started in late 2014 and have been working hard ever since, with tasks ranging from writing software to designing durable and aesthetically-pleasing cases for screens.

Robert Deiss - robert@arg.is

Responsible for business development, customer service, and engineering tasks.

Chris Trudeau - trudeau@arg.is

Responsible for software development, customer service, and business development.

If you need advertising content created for you, we can pass your requirements along to one of our artists. There is a reasonable project-based fee, which we will sometimes waive if a client agrees to use a large enough quantity of display space. Simply select "Content Creation" from the reason dropdown list and send us an introductory email.